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02/10-08 21.21 : JAM
Fall update...and wager your guesses!

Well, we're officially in the 2nd trimester of Melberg Baby #2, and things are looking good so far. Our OB is super conservative, so is doing his best to keep this one in a little big longer. I think with all the visits we will make there in the next 6 months, we'll be pretty good friends by the end! We don't know the gender of the baby, so thought to make it a little more fun as we wait the next few months, to have a little game to see who can guess our baby's birthday, size and sex the closest! See the above link (or go to www.expectnet.com and enter game name "MelbergBaby2" to guess what and when we're having! The winner will receive a very special homemade treat from the Melbergs!

We've also decided to sell our house, so it officially went on the market today. We realize that it's not the best of markets to sell a house, but figure it will only take one buyer! We would like to move to a larger house to meet the needs of our growing family....so please say a little prayer that we can sell this one and buy another one smoothly in this economy!

Other than that we're all very good. Rorik's new job is going well, Julie's enjoying her term at Concordia (and looking forward to having a term off next semester) and Sophia is very "2". She's very verbal right now, singing and talking up a storm. She still enjoys her music class we attend weekly, and still has a great group of other toddlers we play with a few times a week. She loves spending time with her two grandmas, who luckily live nearby. We've both done a lot of house projects lately, getting the house ready for selling and (hopefully) moving. Neither of us have found much time lately for hobbies, but hopefully soon.....

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