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14/12-08 10.35 : JAM
A long road ahead....
Well, many of you know by now, but just in case you don't....my pregnancy is considered super-high risk because of my pre-term delivery of Sophia.  Because of that, my doctor has been extremely conservative and cautious, making sure that everything is going well with the development of this baby.  Just this last week, my doctor noticed that there have been some complications, and it seemed like my body was preparing for another pre-term delivery.  SO....he has done a little procedure that will (hopefully) ensure that the baby stays in a lot longer.  In addition, he has ordered me to strict bedrest...only getting up to use the restroom, eat quickly and shower every few days.  My only outing is to his office; we're still determining how often I will need to visit him.  SO....we're working to have all our friends & family help out with Sophia (now 30 months), keeping our house in order, keeping us fed and keeping all of us sane.  SO...it's going to be a long road....my doctor would like this to hold until early March.  So please keep us in your thoughts and prayers, that we can survive bedrest and keep this baby safe until it's full-term!