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10/1-09 20.47 : JAM
29 Weeks and Counting...
Well, bedrest is not what we were planning on for this pregnancy, but it appears to be working.  We first went to the OB at 24 weeks, 1 day and discovered that things were going wrong....and here we are 5 weeks later, at home and still pregnant.  Even though bedrest is no treat, we're very glad that it appears to be working and that Baby Boy is still where he's supposed to be.  We are blessed to have so many people helping us, especially our moms...and more recently our sisters.  Julie's sister, Mindy, is here for 2 weeks, followed by Suzy for another one.  The "village" that we have working for us really helps keep our household together, meals on the table, clothes clean and so on.  We are thankful!  Our goal is to make it to the first week of March on bedrest...that's when we'll be 36 weeks and our OB feels it will be safe to relieve the bedrest and let the Baby Boy come when he's ready!  We appreciate all the thoughts and prayers from everyone...and we'll keep you posted!