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16/9-07 20.24 : JAM
Fall is in the air!

Well, things are changing around here.  People say that California doesn’t have seasons, but I can tell you it does.  Not the same seasons as the Midwest, but you can feel fall in the air!  We took a walk this evening, and it was chilly by the time we got home.  We both loved it!  School has started, which means that our evenings get a little crazy sometimes.  Julie’s still doing BTSA (supporting new teachers) and is teaching her night class at Concordia.  So Rorik & Sophia have some good father-daughter time a couple evenings a week, while Julie is off teaching lessons and supporting the new math teachers in Tustin.  And, we know that all our regular TV shows are coming soon….it’s almost premiere week.  (The Office premieres Sept. 27….we can’t wait!)  Fun, fun….yes, fall is in the air!

Sophia learned to climb up her slide today.  It was hilarious to watch her.  She makes it to the top about one of every five times, but the rest of the times, she slides back down on her belly, which is even funnier.  She’s very into “hide and seek” right now too….covering her eyes (well, she actually peeks through her fingers, but is at least pretending that she is hiding her eyes) and her favorite is hiding in closets (either behind the curtains in her closet or behind our closet doors).  Either way, it’s so funny to watch.  She’ll run and hide behind them, and she’ll stay completely still…until she thinks that either no one is coming for her or she cracks herself up so much she can’t stay there anymore.  She makes us laugh so much!


She is definitely making attempts at communication, but we’re having to interpret a lot of “bop,” “bup,” “dat” and “doh” sounds (which is a lot better than the whining she tries to do!).  The things she says pretty clearly:  “woof-woof” (anytime she sees a dog), “dat” (for cat…she hasn’t mastered “meow”), “oo-oo” for monkey (which actually sounds quite a bit like her “woof-woof”) and “ooh-ooh” for an owl (which again, sounds like either a monkey or a dog….context is everything).  I can’t tell you how many times we’ve been in a store and she’ll start making a sound….so I have to hunt and find what she is looking for.  She’s equally excited by balloons, which it seems like they have in every store nowadays. 


We’ve already received our October issues of our magazines, complete with Halloween costumes & ideas.  I know the mommies group is going to have a party for the little munchkins….wait til you see Sophia’s costume.  She loves it and looks adorable in it.  We can hardly believe that it’s almost that time again….it seems like only yesterday Sophia was dressed up as a pea!  Like they say, time really does fly!  We’ll post some more pictures of everyone (especially Sophia) soon!  Happy Fall to you all!

25/10-07 09.23 : Nadine
Sophia makes me laugh too. She is a delight. What joy she brings to all who meet her.