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12/11-07 23.15 : JAM
The holidays are coming!

For those of you who have tuned into the news in the past few weeks, we survived the wildfires.  They were too close for comfort...but we are all fine.  It was closest to Rorik's parents house in Lake Forest, then moved south and east, towards us.  We are thankful for all the hard work of all the firemen and fire crews who kept homes safe.  When we have driven through the canyon recently (about 5 minutes from our house) we can see burned brush.  There were homes destroyed, but luckily no one we knew.

Sophia as a monkey (Oct 07)Halloween with Sophia was fun.  We didn't take her trick-or-treating, but instead had our friends Peter & Debbie (with son Owen) and Susan over for the evening.  We made pizza, drank some wine, and answered the door for all the trick-or-treaters.  Sophia loved seeing all the costumes, even the ones that I think were a little disturbing.  She had a monkey costume (see the photos page) which she absolutely adored.  Every time she sees it, she makes the monkey sound "ooo-oooh" and gets super-excited.  It's hilarious.

We can hardly believe next week is Thanksgiving.  We are thankful that our parents are having Thanksgiving together again, so we get to spend time with both our families.  My sister Suzy (from Monterey) can't come down this year, but we think that Rorik's brother, Derek, and fiance will spend the day with us as well.  Sophia loves turkeys; she hasn't quite mastered the "gobble-gobble" sound, but she thinks they're fun.  Hopefully she'll enjoy some turkey dinner this year too...instead of the mashed-up baby food she was eating last year.

We've realized it's the longest possible "Christmas season" (Thanksgiving to Christmas), but we're definitely looking forward to it.  As we've shopped the last few weeks, it's nice to see all the decorations, trees, wreaths, etc. being put up.  I think Sophia is really going to love the tree.  (We're having a tree decorating party with our siblings Derek and Suzy.  It should be a highlight of our season, complete with Rumple-Mintz schnappeling.)  As Sophia has seen the lighted trees in stores, she points excitedly, so when we have one in our home decked out with ornaments, I'm sure it will be even more exciting.  We're looking forward to sharing it with her this year.  We're also looking forward to sharing the story of Christmas with Sophia...we might even take her to a live nativity.

We hope that each of you have a wonderfully long and wonderfully joyful holiday season this year.  Enjoy every moment of decorating the tree, sitting by the fire with hot cocoa and singing the Christmas carols and hymns!  Remember, it's the "most wonderful time of the year"!  Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Advent!