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31/1-08 15.31 : JAM
January 2008

I can barely believe that as I write this, it is the last day of January 2008.  It seriously seems like yesterday that we were putting away Christmas decorations, now tomorrow is February 1!  So far, 2008 has treated us well.  Rorik just took a new position at ICU Medical in San Clemente, where he will be doing internal web-programming work.  I just started another semester at Conordia, teaching their general education math class, which is a lot of fun.  Sophia continues to grow and thrive, enjoying playing at the parks, singing at her music class, doing anything outdoors and "helping" Daddy in the garage.   Last time she was at the doctor (at her 18-month check-up), she was in the 80th-percentile for her height and 25th for her weight.  (I wish the same were true for us!)  It's unbelievable to me that next Wednesday is Ash Wednesday, and we are well on our way towards Easter.  Sophia really enjoyed Santa Claus at Christmas, and I'm sure she'll enjoy the Easter Bunny as well....

The excitement for this month is that my grandma, 89 years old, made another trip to California from Southern Indiana.  It's been two years since she's been here, and required my aunt, who lives near her, to drive her to Indianapolis (Thanks, Jane!) and required my mom flying back and forth across the country to shuttle her, but it's great.  Sophia is my grandma's only great-granddaughter, and Grandma really enjoys watching Sophia play. 

Also, for those of you who haven't read my friend Brian's blog, you should do so.  Their son is a year and a bit out of a bone marrow transplant, and is thriving as well.  (See their blog at www.cure4treebeard.org.)  It's truly an inspiring story, medically as well as spiritually.

We're trying to be better at updating our blog and pictures....stay tuned this weekend for Valentine's pictures of Sophia!