McGintys Irish-American Red Ale
McGintys Irish-American Red Ale

5.25 gallons at 1.044/ FG 1.015

5.5 lbs 6-row (US 2-row will work, too)
1.75 lbs flaked maize
0.75 lbs flaked barley
0.5 lbs crystal 30-45L
2 oz. chocolate

Mash 154F/68C 60 minutes for a somewhat higher FG than usual.

Bittering hops - Cluster (I used 3/4 oz for 19 IBU)
Finishing hops - Goldings (Domestic would be fine) (I used 1/2 oz for
15 min. for 4 IBU and another 1/2 oz at knockout) (FWH might be nice

Target 23 IBU

Irish moss (of course) last 15 minutes will help clarity, but its
not usually a problem for me.

Irish Ale yeast or any ale yeast (I prefer more flavorful yeasts than 1056).

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McGintys Irish-American Red Ale