MCAB-V Brown Porter Recipe
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2003 09:35:43 -0500
From: Michael McGuire
Subject: Recipe

MCAB-V Brown Porter Recipe:

2 lbs. brown malt (Thomas Fawcett, 57L)
3/4 lb biscuit malt
7 lbs. maris otter pale malt
3 oz. chocolate malt
3 oz. roasted barley
10 oz. carafoam (Weyermann, 1.8L)

simple infusion mash

Boil with 1 oz Liberty hop pellets (alpha=3.2%) and 1 tsp gypsum - 60
Add 1/3 oz EKG pellets (alpha=5.5%) and 1 tsp Irish moss - final 10

Chill, rack to carboy, pitch 1 tube Wyeast 1084 (Irish Ale) made into
starter 4 days earlier

Rack to secondary after 5 days

Bottle/keg with 2/3 cup DME primer after 16 days

O.G.=1.057, F.G.=1.022

Brewed by Mike McGuire, BURP

MCAB-V Brown Porter Recipe