Pale Ale
Theres a pale ale malt bill that we use all the time, with wide
variations, of course, but if I had to commit to one it would be:

8 lbs Maris Otter
3 lbs Vienna
1 lb Victory Roast

This can be, and is, hopped in a variety of ways, but for my desert
island beer it would *have* to have lots of East Kent Goldings, which
are my favorites.

90 minute boil
60 minutes 1 oz Fuggles
30 minutes 1 oz Fuggles
15 minutes 1 oz EKG
EOB 1 oz EKG

depending on the AA% of the hops in question, of course.

Yeast would be WLP 001 Cal Ale. Or maybe East Coast. Or British. Cant
really go wrong with a decent ale yeast here.

Pale Ale