Double Style Trapist Ale
I brewed a Double style abby or trapist 2 weeks ago this was it...... All grain Belgian DWC 10 lbs pilsner malt 1 lb aromatic malt 1/4lb special B 1 lb light candy sugar

>>(should have used dark candy sugar) But I was wondering could I do that now? After the >>beers been fermenting? Would I have to add more yeast? {I culture so thats a >>possibility} ;)

Some tips for next time would be to reduce the percentage of pilsener malt and add more Munich malt. This is pretty much your call, but you can go from 50 - 100% munich, especially the Belgian Munich at 8 L. The Special B is probably about right, but I am on the wary side when it comes to any type of crystal malt.

Double Style Trapist Ale