Batch #010 - Cider 2002
Cider Batch 2002

3 gallons of apple cider (1.060) Apple Annies
2 gallons of apple cider (1.050) Trader Joes
pectin enzymes
1 lb. table sugar

O.G.(estimate) 1.065

Boiled the enzymes and sugar for 5 minutes in a quart of apple cider. Added everything to a 5 gallon carboy (really full).

Fermented actively for a week and a half. moved to secondary fermenter and added a package of isinglas to see if it would clear it up a bit. It cleared a bit, but is still quite cloudy.

F.G. 1.010

Primed with 3/4 cup of sugar and bottled a week after secondary on 10/24/02.

Should be ready by Thanksgiving
Batch #010 - Cider 2002