Cider Yeast
>I started a batch of cider yesterday with a blend of store bought
>ciders. I used straight juice and looked for ones that didnt list anything
>other than apple juice or citric acid(vitamin C) on the ingredient
>list. I pitched a few packets of Coopers ale yeast. Today, there is
>no activity. Zero. I suspect there may have been Potassium sorbate or
>some other preservative that wasnt listed. Is that legal? Is there a
>way around this ie pitching massive amounts of yeast, or is all lost?

Id add yeast nutrient and aerate some more. If that doesnt help, try
adding a more aggressive yeast. Ive read that Lalvin EC 1118 is good
for stuck fermtations, and also that it makes good cider (see for more details).
Cider Yeast