Dry Yeast Equivolency
Date: Wed, 6 Nov 2002 15:59:56 +1000
From: reuben.g.burgoyne@accenture.com
Subject: Latest dried yeast equivalency

I have been experimenting with some of the DCL dried yeasts available,
particularly Safale S-04. I was wondering if anyone
had done any work on documenting dried yeast approximate equivalency to
some of the liquid yeasts available. While
looking I found some work that another brewer had posted in
rec.crafts.brewing back in January. I have expanded it a little
and was wondering if anyone had any comments, corrections or additions.
This is a very rough first stab. Also Ill be honest
that most of my research so far has been paper based and not after any
taste testing. I would love to hear from anyone
who has done any comparisons even if against other yeasts.

Wyeast White Labs Dry yeast
1056 ? Danstar Nottingham
1968 WLP002 Safale S-04
1028 ? Danstar Windsor

2007 ? Saflager S-23
2124 WLP830 Saflager 34/70
2308 ? Saflager S-189

3333 ? Safbrew T-58
3068 WLP300 Safale W-68
? ? Safale K-97
? ? Safale S-33

Dry Yeast Equivolency