Seattle Beer Places

Big Time Brewery & Alehouse
Absolutely worth a visit. Bhagwans Best, the Oatmeal Stout, and
whatever is on the engine.

Elysian Brewing Company
Yes. Nice Pilsner.

Gordon Biersch Brewing Company
A chain - forget it.

Hales Ales Brewery & Pub
Maritime Pacific Brewing
Redhook Trolleyman
All three a are big YES!! They are on the same street within a mile of
each other. You may or may not be interested in trying Redhooks offerings
at the source, but at least drive by the original brick brewery.

At Hales one must try the Special Bitter, and the IPA, and whatever is
on the engine.

At Maritime one must try Islander Pale, and the Jolly Roger.

Pyramid Alehouse, Brewery & Restaurant
Hart Brewery & Pub / Pyramid Ales
Same place. Right across the street from the best ballpark in America,
SafeCo Field - the Safe. Big place, still make pretty good beers. If time
is limited skip it.

McMenamins Queen Anne Hill
McMenamins/Six Arms Pub
Chains. Beer is insipid.

Pike Brewery & Pub
Most folks like their beer, I find it uninteresting.

Ram Restaurants / Big Horn Breweries
Rock Bottom Brewery
Both chains - forget.
Seattle Beer Places