Young's Double Chocolate Stout clone
Young's Double Chocolate Stout clone (Young & Co.'s Brewery plc, England)
(5 gallons/19 L, all grain)

Young's Website claims that their Double Chocolate Stout is made from pale, crystal, and chocolate malts, with a "special blend of sugars." This stout is fairly sweet and we suspect the brewery probably adds sugar before bottling and then pasteurizes the beer. We went with a bit of lactose, which brewers yeast cannot ferment, instead. Young's also adds "real dark chocolate and chocolate essence" to this beer. You can add more or less chocolate extract to taste.

6 lb. 14 oz. (3.1 kg) 2-row pale ale malt
11 oz. (0.31 kg) crystal malt (60L)
13 oz. (0.37 kg) chocolate malt
12 oz. (0.34 kg) lactose
8 oz. (0.23 kg) invert sugar
4 oz. (0.11 kg) cane sugar
6 oz. (0.17 kg) cocoa powder
0.33 oz (9.4 g) liquid chocolate extract
1 tsp Irish moss (15 mins)
1/8 tsp yeast nutrients (15 mins)
7 AAU Fuggles hops (60 mins)
   (1.4 oz/40g of 5% alpha)
1.25 AAU Kent Goldings hops (15 mins)
   (0.25 oz/7g of 5% alpha)
Wyeast 1318 (London Ale III) yeast
   (1.5 qt/1.5L yeast starter)
0.75 cups corn sugar (for priming)

Step by step
  Heat 10.5 qt (9.9L) of water to 164F (73C). Stir in crushed grains and mash at 153F (67C) for 60 mins. Collect 4.25 gal (16L) of wort, add 2.25 gallons of water and boil for 90 mins. Add hops at times indicated in ingredient list. Add sugars, Irish moss, and yeast nutrients with 15 mins remaining in the boil. Dissolve cocoa in hot water and add with 15 minutes remaining. Cool wort, aerate and pitch yeast. Ferment at 68F (20C). Add chocolate extract in secondary.
Young's Double Chocolate Stout clone