Larry Lenard ( 714-343-0945 , ) : 19-09-2012

Howdy. I am trying to update my references and you are my best, however my contact information is obsolete. Could you help me out? Thanks.

joshko ( Foothill High School , us ) jko <at> tustin <dot> k12 <dot> ca <dot> us 23-09-2011

Jules!!! Email me!! im teaching in your old room! super wierd haha. hope all is well with you guys!


Daniel : 07-04-2011

Very nice page!

Bob Burbrink ( Bonita Springs, Florida , USA ) rgburbrink <at> comcast <dot> net 06-11-2010

I am intrigued by the Melberg MG-2 and MG-4. I build and fly radio control model airplanes and would like to build a model of the Melmerg MG-2 or MG-4. Are there plans for either of these planes that could be made available for copying or scanning?

Bobbi Galloway bobbig <at> pkcontrols <dot> com 19-01-2009

(I can't figure out how to leave a regular comment on here.) I'm so glad to hear you've had lots of help. I was wondering how you guys were all will continue to be in my prayers!