11-15 25.
Julie Kingery julie <dot> kingery <at> gmail <dot> com 19-01-2008

HI Julie - enjoyed your Christmas letter and picture. Just checked out the December/January pictures of Sophia on your website. Can't believe how fast she's growing! I agree that one of these days we will have to get together. You are always welcome in upstate NY or perhaps we'll make another trip to sunny CA! Happy New Year! Take care, Julie

Maarit Lehtinen ( Espoo , Finland ) maalehti <at> luukku <dot> com 09-01-2008

Hi Julie, I decided to write too as I just found this page a few days ago. You look great and your daughter looks very cute. Come join the rest of us ISD:ers in facebook:-)

Mariotta!! ( Roma , Italy ) ohtamari <at> hotmail <dot> com 08-01-2008

Hi Julie!!!!I'm so happy to see some pics of you and your family. You have a very pretty looking girl!! oh wow!! :)
I got your site from Maarit (you remember her?). We always write on facebook. Do you also have an account? I met Maarit in Dicember in Duesseldorf. It was very nice to see her after a loooong time!!
Do you come to Europe some time?
Hope you had a wonderful Xmas and a super start in the Year 2008!!
Huge hug,
Mari Ohta

Nadine nadine <dot> melberg <at> gmail <dot> com 07-01-2008

I came to see your pictures and take some appetizer recipes for the retirement party!


Ray ( Lake Forest , USA ) melbfam <at> cox <dot> net 18-12-2007

Great fun seeing the development of the RSM landscape project. I don't even remember how much work it was, just that it is so grand an improvement. Thanks for the tour from start to finish. Opa