16-20 25.
Janet C ( Dana Point, CA ) jbcutler <at> hotmail <dot> com 28-10-2007

Wish I knew someone who was so good with the compupu to have my own website :) Wait . . I know Rorik! Lucky me!
Love the site and all the pics! You guys are awesome. Janet

Kevin Bruce ( London , Canada ) celticbru <at> sympatico <dot> ca 17-10-2007

I have been searching the internet for information on the MG-2. I read an article in Sport Aviation on Jim Moss's restoration of it. I love the airplane and would like to build one. I am assuming that you are related to Ray Melberg some how, the designer of the MG series. Do you know if there are any plans for the airplane. Also the site indicates MG-4. I knew there was an MG-3 although I have not seen a picture. Is the MG-4 another model started. I hope you do not mind me asking. Cheers

Papa Melberg ( LF ) melbfam <at> cox <dot> net 24-09-2007

Great fun looking over the site. The Catalina trek reminds me of our hike a bunch of years ago to Little Harbor, just after the big rain. The grass was tall and the weather just a bit cooler. Loved seeing Sophia chomping down the grapes. A true fruit lover.

Elise Selz ( Cypress, Texas , USA ) selzfam <at> earthlink <dot> net 24-08-2007

Hi Rorik and Julie! Nice to see those two front teeth that you've been waiting for so long! I love your website . . . you guys always make me wonder what I've been doing with all my time. love ya, Elise

Maureen Nowland 20-08-2007

Oh my gosh - Sophia is absolutely darling! So wonderful seeing pictures of old (not literally) friends - thanks for keeping in touch! So when will Sophia be ready for a bicycle? Got to get her ready to ride in El Tour with her parents! :D