16-20 23.
Papa Melberg ( LF ) melbfam <at> cox <dot> net 24-09-2007

Great fun looking over the site. The Catalina trek reminds me of our hike a bunch of years ago to Little Harbor, just after the big rain. The grass was tall and the weather just a bit cooler. Loved seeing Sophia chomping down the grapes. A true fruit lover.

Elise Selz ( Cypress, Texas , USA ) selzfam <at> earthlink <dot> net 24-08-2007

Hi Rorik and Julie! Nice to see those two front teeth that you've been waiting for so long! I love your website . . . you guys always make me wonder what I've been doing with all my time. love ya, Elise

Maureen Nowland 20-08-2007

Oh my gosh - Sophia is absolutely darling! So wonderful seeing pictures of old (not literally) friends - thanks for keeping in touch! So when will Sophia be ready for a bicycle? Got to get her ready to ride in El Tour with her parents! :D

Nancy Wisehart ( Phoenix , USA ) nwisehart <at> osisoft <dot> com 20-08-2007

It is so wonderful to see such a beautiful, happy young family....

Nice job and such a darling little girl... I have to add WOW! Thanks so much for sharing and I love the recipes.

Jennifer Erven ( South Lyon, MI , USA ) jenandkirkerven <at> hotmail <dot> com 18-08-2007

I love to see the pictures of Sophia and her parents!! I look forward to Sophia meeting Isaiah, Elijah and Rebecca!!