6-10 25.
Bob Burbrink ( Bonita Springs, Florida , USA ) rgburbrink <at> comcast <dot> net 06-11-2010

I am intrigued by the Melberg MG-2 and MG-4. I build and fly radio control model airplanes and would like to build a model of the Melmerg MG-2 or MG-4. Are there plans for either of these planes that could be made available for copying or scanning?

Bobbi Galloway bobbig <at> pkcontrols <dot> com 19-01-2009

(I can't figure out how to leave a regular comment on here.) I'm so glad to hear you've had lots of help. I was wondering how you guys were managing...you all will continue to be in my prayers!

Bobbi Galloway 07-10-2008

The quilts you have made are beautiful!!! I would love to learn how to sew and have been talking to my husband about adding that to my on-going list of hobbies:)
Also, the pictures from your trip to Ireland were amazing. That's a place we've always wanted to visit...maybe someday...

Bobbi Galloway 30-09-2008

I loved your post about the wine tour you went on last year...sounded like a really good time. We went to Toronto in July and went to several wineries in the Niagara region, it was beautiful and we came across some excellent wineries. Cheers!

John Wilson wilsonite <at> sbcglobal <dot> net 24-08-2008

Hey Julie

10 Year reunion for Chicago Project Oct. 18

Email me

Like to hear from you